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Welcome to the home of Firehose Tavern, the MIT comic which has appeared in The Tech since 1991! The creator of Firehose Tavern is Mark P. Hurst (MIT '94). He now works at Creative Good, but he still visits here once in awhile to clear out the cobwebs... :)

The Complete Firehose Tavern Collection

You might also check out my old Media Lab project iComix!, which has a novel browser for the comics you see below. Either way, enjoy.

The last strip? (maybe, maybe not... hmm...)
Dorks? Where? (ran 05/05/95) (18 K)
Grad student life
Truer than most MIT seniors would like to admit. (ran 03/03/95) (only 7K!! tell me if the image quality is ok...)
Sick farewells. (ran 05/27/94) (23 K)
Going down in history. (ran 02/21/95) (19 K)
First, wake up. (ran 10/14/94) (30K)
Take a look around you. (ran 11/01/94) (33K)
Yeah? Gather this... (ran 03/17/95) (32 K)
Parties (all ran in 2/94)
Come get some reality. (35 K)
How to act at parties. (32 K)
Fraternity angst. (30 K)
The geek and the socialite. (25 K)
Campus Food (ran 3/94)
Raa raa, go team. (Then hurl.) (ran 02/24/95) (24 K)
PC food? (35 K)
More food trouble. (31 K)
MIT, for Visitors
Meet a nerd! (Actually a Voo Doo submission.) (165 K)
MIT for the outsider. (157 K)
Sophomore dorks with attitudes. (36 K)
Both sides of the story. (117 K)
Feelings of inferiority. (48 K)
Bldg 66 joke. (36 K)
YOU do the math. (32 K)
8.02 fantasy. (20 K)
Classes starting. (27 K)
Jim Trouble
Hoser's sworn enemy. (158 K)
Jim's universe. (85 K)
Combat, of a sort. (58 K)
Protect yourself! (128 K)
Caught in the act. (125 K)
How bad is this strip? (94 K)
LISP Programming (or 6.001, for MIT types)
Stresses of LISP. (164 K)
More LISP. (87 K)
Dating Alyssa P. Hacker. (45 K)
Match made in heaven. (79 K)
Six pride! (73 K)
Gerry Sussman: a day in the life. (115 K)
6.001 final exam. (66 K)
The first strip!! (94 K)
The name explained. (54 K)
Gun control. (50 K)
A look into my favorite sport. (139 K)
A fashion comment. (105 K)
Guess who's coming to graduation. (49 K)
The return from winter break can be tough. (58 K)
Environmentalism at its best. (138 K)
Things we'd like to see. (54 K)
Tuition gripe. (97 K)
Our prez in action. (85 K)
The appearance of a new (but short-lived) character. (118 K)
A spring break good-bye. (144 K)
The welcome back. (73 K)
A good-bye. (33 K)
A familiar refrain from Campus Police. (76 K)
Nerds at the opera. (104 K)
A strip on beavers I did for an IAP class. (Sorry about the bad copy.) (145 K)
My contribution to a Valentine's Day issue of VooDoo, MIT's humor magazine. (137 K)
My contribution to Fall '94 Voo Doo. (232 K)
Historical Trivia
Click here (94 K) to see the very first strip in the dubious saga, and click here (54 K) to see how the strip gets its name. Gerry Sussman once called me up and asked if I would draw a strip to appear in the 6.001 final exam. This (66 K) is what I drew (instead of studying for the exam).
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