Made with Macintosh Frequently Asked Questions

Because there have been a large number of people asking basically the same questions, we've developed a list for folks to look at before sending us mail. Hopefully, this list will save time for both you and us. If you don't see your question answered here, please feel free to ask us.

Why did we make this page?
Our goal is to promote the fact that the best web pages out there have been made on Macintosh systems. We feel that the user community is unaware of the dominance and power of Macintosh systems in this field. Both through its ease of use and its power the Macintosh allows designers to create more interesting and involving sites. The efficiency which Macintoshes give to site design, creation and maintenance translate into better, more expansive sites that are updated more regularly than average sites. These sites also usually have a level of professional detail not seen on other sites.

My site was MacMade but it's served off a PC/UNIX system. Do I still qualify?
We're interested in what system was used to make the pages. There is aleady a program that promotes sites served off of Macintosh systems. In the end, we don't really feel that the server system is the critical factor in the success of most sites, or that it has any major impact on the end user experience, besides the obvious differences in speed between various servers.

What plans do you have for future improvements or additions to the Made with Macintosh site?
Unfortunatly, The Tech has decided to stop updating this site. We appreciate all of our supporters throughout the years.

Who made this site?
We (Tom and Jen) are both alumni of The Tech, MIT's student newspaper. This page is served from the newspaper's web server but does not represent the opinions or views of the newspaper. We're both Mac users and fervent supporters of Macintosh use. These pages represent our contribution to the effort of Macintosh advocacy.

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