Send a Zephygram

Send a Zephyrgram

This is a forms-based interface to the Athena zephyr messaging system. To use this service, you need a web browser that supports forms. (If you don't have one, you can telnet to and log in as www, no password).
This form runs a perl script that uses the finger to zwrite interface on

Please think carefully before sending a zephyr message. You are sending a personal message to another user and should use the same care and discretion when doing so.

This service does not always work and depends on the availability of the zephyr to finger interface on beeblebrox.

Before sending a zephyr message, check to see if your desired recipient is logged in using zlocate.

Recipient of zephyr message (Athena username):

Sender of zephyr message:

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Daniel C. Stevenson