Brooklyn Bridge

Photos of the Downtown Local Platform.

BROOKLYN BRIDGE was the first express station on the IRT, and its design was similar to that of 14 Street. As at that station and at 96 Street, there were two side local platforms in addition to the two island platforms, which were used for express trains. And as at 14 Street and 96 Street, only the two island platforms are used today. This photograph shows the downtown local platform, with one of the two staircases that led up to the mezzanine, which is still in use. The local platforms were closed in the 1940's or 1950's, and were covered up in a platform extension project at Brooklyn Bridge in the late 1950's. Before one passes through the turnstiles at the station at the entrance on the west side of Centre Street, there is a double door on the left, which leads to this staircase and this section of platform. Note also see the intricate "BB" eagle design, where the double vertical stripe meets the cornice at the upper left corner of the photograph. A "Brooklyn Bridge" name panel like the one at the right may be seen just past the control booth on the downtown platform; this section of wall was part of an early extension project. The island platforms used to taper off at their northern ends to a narrow point, a configuration which was eliminated in the station lengthening project. However, the positions of the original I-beams in relation to the east and west ends of the island platforms still reflect the original arrangement. A recent renovation/restoration at this station has brought back the "BB" design along the station's walls.

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