BMT Triplex Nostalgia Train

Photos from Transit Museum Tours

Nostalgia Train: BMT D-Type Triplex Train


The following photographs are from a Transit Museum Nostalgia Train tour to Coney Island, on BMT D-Type Triplex cars. More information about these cars is available here. The train left the Transit Museum, headed to Manhattan via the A line 8th Avenue IND tracks, and then switched to the Culver line F tracks at West 4th Street. The train then reversed direction, and headed out back to Brooklyn over the Manhattan Bridge, and out to Coney Island. The trip was reversed to return to the Transit Museum.



Signs of the times at Stillwell Avenue station, Coney Island.

Crossing the Manhattan Bridge.



The sign says, "Please keep hands off doors."

A great part of these trips is the reaction of passengers waiting on the platforms as the train passes by.



No A/C on these cars.

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