I joined The Tech when I was a freshman. Looking back, sometimes I'm surprised how much time I devoted to it, especially in my first few years at MIT. I eventually became Editor in Chief for the spring semester of 1997. That was a pretty arduous semester, but you know what Calvin's dad would say -- It builds character. The Tech was a big part of my MIT experience, and I learned a lot, even if it wasn't always easy.

Volume 114 (Fall 1994)

Headline Issue Number
Vest, Morrow among Highest Paid in 1992 Issue 42
New Program Gives MIT Students Free Tickets to BSO Issue 50
Fewer Freshmen Get AP Credit Issue 54
$6.2M Budget Deficit Lower Than Projected for FY 1994 Issue 60
Asian Group Holds Seminar on Violence Issue 62
Two Face Arson Complaints Issue 67

Volume 115 (1995)

Headline Issue Number
Students save Baker dining hall, start Safe Walk Year in Review
Panelists Talk about Race, Welfare, GOP Issue 3
Survey on Grades Show 47% Prefer Current System Issue 6
Federal Scholarships Could Be Cut $130M Issue 8
Muh, Balsley Seek a More Effective UA Issue 12
Bolander Receives 1st Lemelson Prize Issue 17
Souter Will Be New GSC President; To Focus on Housing, Dean Search Issue 19
Summer Renovations Will Close Senior House Issue 21
Number of Summer UROPs Down 60% Issue 24
Tutors, Housemasters, RCA Discuss Changes Issue 26
Record Number of Admittees, Women Join Class of 1999 Issue 30
Conley Selected to Speak at Killian Issue 31
Student Keynote Launches Rush Issue 32
With Paries and Rush Mailings, Fraternities Get Ready for Rush Issue 33
FSLIGs Feel Rush Is Successful So Far Issue 34
Explorations Introduce Freshmen To Institute's Departments, Centers Issue 35
At Other Universities, Procedures To Reside at Dorms, FSILGs Differ Issue 36
Fraternity Van in Collision Issue 37
Nawrocki to Explain Women at Kresge Talk Issue 37
Essay Exam Pass Rate Plummets; Math Rate Rises Issue 38
Coop Alternatives Offer Discount Issue 39
Engineeering Dean Search Starts Issue 41
Safe Walk in Peril as MIT Cuts All Funding Issue 45
Wellesley Student Attacked at MIT Issue 46
Congress May Pass $10-Billion Loan Cut Issue 47
Negroponte Reflects on Media Lab's First Ten Years Issue 47 For some reason, I really liked this interview. I didn't write all that much for it, but it was fun seeing my work in a two-page spread.
Dean for Student Life to be Named Today by Williams Issue 49
MIT Remains in Favor Of Affirmative Action Issue 52
Gore Speaks at Environmental Conference Issue 53
Strident Gore Speech Ignored Need for Compromise Issue 54 My first opinion column. I don't think Al Gore has changed much since this column.
Faculty to Vote on New Degree Issue 56
Vest Projects Losses Of $125M for MIT Issue 57
Vest, Moses to Select Dean Of Engineering This Month Issue 60
Gaggle Cops Election of 116th Tech Managing Board Issue 63 I didn't write this, but the gaggle is always a good inside joke to read.
Ayer Named Rhodes Scholar Issue 63

Volume 116 (1996)

Headline Issue Number
ASA Groups, Deans Discuss Party Ban Issue 2
Three Professors Honored as MacVicar Fellows Issue 4
Frats Consider Dry R/O Week Issue 7
UA Candidates Hold First Debate Issue 10
Candidates Restate Positions In Final Debate Before Vote Issue 11
Morfopolous Elected GSC President; Plans to Lobby for Graduate Housing Issue 16
Living Groups Offer Summer Housing Issue 20
Dorms Seek Female Housing Options Issue 21
Grad Student Wins MIT-Lemelson Prize for Inventiveness Issue 23
Gates Explores Web's Future in LCS Lecture Issue 27
Changes in MOYA, Dinners Give R/O A Different Look Issue 30
MOYA, Tech Trek Get Mixed Reviews From Class of 2000 Issue 31
Daily Confusion Nixes Friday Dorm Entries Issue 32
Tuesday GSC Grocery Shuttle Will Resume Service Issue 34
Local Booksellers Offer Alternatives To the Coop for Textbook Purchases Issue 35
Core Blitz, Academic EXpo Help Freshmen Chooses Classes, Majors Issue 36
Rush Should Work More Like Real Life Issue 37 A column about MIT's Residence and Orientation Week.
Course VI-2 Receives Accreditation Issue 39
'Quickstations' Could Alleviate Cluster Crowding Issue 41
Vest Still Uncertain On Replacement for Former VP Cullinton Issue 44
Dean's Office Hears Student Concerns during Open Forum Issue 53
Kip Hodges Will Be New Dean Of Undergraduate Curriculum Issue 54
Bob Dole for President Issue 55 My dissent on The Tech's endorsement for president of the United States.
New Dean's Office Turns Focus to Communications Issue 57
IS Now Structured By Processes Issue 62
UA, GSC Must Keep Funding Powers Issue 64 Another dissent. I didn't write this one though.
Gaggle Cops Election of 117th Managing Board Issue 65 The gaggle for my election as Editor in Chief.
MIT Unveils New and Improved World Wide Web Site Issue 66

Volume 117 (1997)

(Editor in Chief for the Spring Semester)
Headline Issue Number
The Year in Review Year in Review The Year in Review is the biggest Tech project each year. All of January is devoted to turning out this one issue. Unfortunately, no one archived this one.
CPs Issue Bulletin Amid Reports Of 'Date Rape Drug' on Campus Issue 6
UAP Candidates Carter, Rao Debate over Community Issues Issue 10
At Meeting, Faculty Discuss Writing Skills Issue 14
Graduate Student Council Elects Geoffrey Coram as Next President Issue 18
Excellence, Not Race, Inspired America Issue 20 Another column. I'm not Tiger Woods.
Students Protest Against The Tech With Charges of Racist Tendencies Issue 22 I didn't write this, but I'm quoted in it.
Departing Editor Reflects On Term Full of Surprises Issue 27 Sort of my farewell column as EIC.
Residence Selection Begins on Athena Issue 34
ESG, ISP, Concourse Offer Alternatives to Curriculum Issue 35
Obesity Drug Recall Ends MIT Royalties Issue 45
State Officials Block Keg Sale at Zeta Psi Issue 50
Gaggle Cops 118th Tech Managing Board Elections Issue 64 The last gaggle with me in it.
Disckson Set To Retire after 40 Years at MIT Issue 68

Volume 118 (1998)

Headline Issue Number
MIT Clarifies Alcohol Policies Issue 2
I/S Surveys Community, Considers Clusters in Dorms Issue 9
Provost Moses Will Resign Post Aug. 1 Issue 25
Sometimes more like a photo album, Technique captures a part of MIT life Issue 27 A review of the yearbook for the Commencement issue. So long, MIT.