I spent the summer after MIT on the Overseas Chinese Youth Language Training and Study Tour of the Republic of China (something like that), also known as the "Love Boat." (There is no actual boat involved, just a tendency for people to get hooked up.) Anyway, it was a five-week long program. We had tours, classes, and other scheduled programs, but I spent a lot of free time either clubbing, going to KTV (karaoke), MTV (movies), or the night market. The program was a lot of fun. I got to meet a lot of people, and my Chinese did improve (believe it or not). Here are some of the pictures I took:
Just a bunch of us guys hanging out.
From left: Trevor, Ping, Eric, Jarvis, Me, Stephen, James, Kendall
About to start our sword-fighting performance. The class was pretty cool. I even learned some basic self-defense moves.
The first time I went KTVing. Amazingly, a lot of the people ended up on the same bus as me for the nine-day tour of Taiwan.
Another KTV. No, I never got sick of it...
Yep, another KTV. Last one I went to.
Bus E people getting a picture before we head off to ... KTV.
Strike a pose.
I can fly!
More Bus E people, from front to back, left to right:
Ian, Brenda;
Chris, Emily, Kenny, Teresa, Kelly, Grace, Noelle;
Eric, Ron, Eve

Soaking up the sun...
Bus E people together after throwing a party for our counselors.
Eating dumplings before everyone flies home.