My summer of 1999 consisted mostly of not getting any results in my research. Still, I was able to take some breaks from lab work, including weekly bowling, A's games, and a wedding in Newfoundland.
Can't beat $1 A's games on Wednesdays during the summer.
From left to right: Karen, Janet, Me, Gary, Ken, Jim, Frank.
Behind camera: Luan
Naperville friends visit the San Francisco pier after driving Jon's Firebird halfway across the country.
Left to right: Jon, Alan, Peter, Me
Bowling at the fabulous Albany Bowl.
From left to right, front to back:
Gary, Me; Morris, Alexis, Mike, Niki, Luan, Javit; Mike, Matt.
Cape Spear, Newfoundland, Canada - The easternmost point in North America.
Brad makes the costliest cell phone call at the easternmost point in North America.
Dan, John, and Brad make Canada feel more like home.
The reason why all of us traveled to Newfoundland - Peter and Nora Finch